Occupational Safety Card

Training programme:

  1. Zero accidents
  2. Collective workplace
  3. Briefing
  4. Hazard identification
  5. Identification of load factors
At present, the courses “Occupational Safety card” (GREEN CARD) are conducted ONLINE, in the mode of a Webinar (read more HERE )

Occupational Safety Card (Työturvallisuuskortti) entitles to perform work at the enterprises and organisations in Finland and Sweden requiring knowledge of safety standards.

Työturvallisuuskortti has been developed by Finnish industrial enterprises together with labour market organisations, insurance industry and educational institutions in order to increase occupational safety level.

Upon passing the training and the exam successfully, a trainee receives a Certificate and a personal plastic card confirming the right to perform certain work.

Training duration: 8 hours.

Card validity period: 5 years.

Training is held in Russian language. Professional interpreters can translate during the training.

If necessary, our trainer may go to any place convenient for a customer for training.

Training time and place are discussed individually.


Training Place Date Language
Occupational Safety Card Webinar 29.09.2020 08:30 - 16:30 Russian Registration
Occupational Safety Card Webinar 01.10.2020 08:30 - 16:30 Russian Registration